Bringing home Gold

Mutaz Ezza Barshim photographed by Matthieu Delbreuve for Vogue Man Arabia Fall/Winter 2021

Eighteen-year-old Hafnaoui stunned the world by winning the gold medal in the 400m freestyle. Photographed in Tunisia by Bachire Tayachi, Hafnaoui opens up about his journey and his pride in being an Arab athlete. “This is my identity,” he shares. “I want to have more achievements for my country and the whole Arab world.” Qatari high jumper Barshim, who was shot in Paris by Matthieu Delbreuve, had reached heights he never before thought possible by holding the Asian record and registering the second highest jump in history. Then he captured the hearts of sports fans everywhere by sharing the Olympic gold medal with Italian Gianmarco Tamberi. “There is rivalry as that’s what we do, but we know that when that rivalry finishes, there is just friendship and love,” he says.