Chevrolet Sponsorship with
Mutaz Barshim

Johan Madarasz, Automotive Marketing Manager at Jaidah Group said: “We are immensely proud to have him represent our brand locally and look forward to continue supporting his athletic journey, especially with the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.”

Mutaz Barshim also commented: “I would like to thank Jaidah Automotive and Chevrolet for their great support. I am really happy to be part of the Chevrolet Qatar family and look forward to continuing our strong partnership.”

Jaidah Automotive, the official distributor of Chevrolet in Qatar, launched a brand-new digital campaign to Mutaz Barshim – at the ongoing International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Athletics Championships Doha 2019.

As part of the campaign, Chevrolet Qatar released a video that showcases the star athlete walking into a loud, cheering audience, symbolising his path towards the IAAF 2019. 

The concept of the video was aligned with the arrival of the new performance Sport Truck products from Chevrolet in 2019, starting with the Tahoe RST equipped with 6.2-litre engine, 10-speed automatic transmission and a few other performance bits; followed by the Silverado RST in May. 

Speaking to the video’s audience, Barshim sought to empower aspiring athletes like himself, saying: “If you want to be the best, if you want to succeed, you’ve got to keep trying. There’s only one beast and the beast is you.” 

The digital campaign builds on Jaidah Automotive’s sponsorship of the athlete who was announced as Chevrolet’s brand ambassador earlier this year. 

The sponsorship will see Jaidah Automotive supporting Barshim during the IAAF and the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Mohamed Jaidah, Group executive director of Jaidah Group, said: “Barshim is a prime example of the dedicated and hard-working Qatari talent who make our country proud. He is an inspiration on so many levels to the up-and-coming generation of young Qataris. We are not only Barshim’s official sponsors, but we are also his biggest fans – we look forward to supporting him in his athletic journey as he continues to represent Qatar in some of the world’s most important sporting competitions.”

Chevrolet celebrates Mutaz Barshim’s victorious win at the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships

Jaidah Automotive, the official distributor of Chevrolet in Qatar, hosted an event to celebrate Qatar’s world champion high jumper Mutaz Barshim for his recent gold medal victory at the Doha 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships.

Jaidah Automotive provided its Chevrolet audience and fans an opportunity to meet and congratulate the star athlete in person at the Jaidah Square Showroom. The Chevrolet team hosted visitors coming to show their support and get an autograph from the star athlete.