Mutaz Barshim – Jump for Gold

Mutaz Barshim is a Qatari High Jump Athlete currently taking the world by storm. At the age of 28 in 2019, Mutaz won the IAAF World Athletics Championship in his hometown Doha, setting the record to be the first high jumper to win the World Champion Title two times in a row.

Chapter 1: Mountain Training in Poland

Mutaz Barshim takes us to the kickoff of his journey towards a big milestone in his career back in December, 2019. In the mountains of Zakopane in Poland the elite High Jumper sets off to prepare his body and mind for the most challenging 2020 season ever.

Chapter 2: When in Doha

We go back to the 2020 season with Mutaz Barshim as he returns to Doha, Qatar for a pre-season training camp. What makes this one special? To Mutaz, it’s being at “Home”. We discover what Qatar means to Mutaz and how being in his hometown impacts him positively on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Chapter 3: The Lockdown

For a track and field athlete and an elite high jumper, being on the track and on the go is what Mutaz’s life is all about. But what happens when a pandemic strikes and he has to go through a lockdown? We go back with Mutaz to the COVID-19 outbreak in Qatar in March and April 2020 and how his whole life shifted into lockdown mode.