Oakley Sponsorship with
Mutaz Barshim

Team Oakley Athlete, Mutaz Barshim is the winner of a gold medal from the High Jump tournament. The Qatari athlete made a historic win after agreeing to share the champion title with Italian athlete Gianmarco Tamberi after scoring an impressive 2.63m score.
During the high-jump athletics tournament, Mutaz wore Oakley Kato Prizm 24K, a colourway that was launched specifically with the Olympics in mind. A huge congratulations to Mutaz on his spectacular win and brilliant show of sportsmanship!

The sartorial star of the high jump could have been the pair of Oakley Kato sunglasses that Barshim wore throughout the night competition. These weren’t exactly functional. It was, of course, dark, and shadows flew off his face pretty much every time he walked through the bar. (As the camera cut him off as he readjusted them before each jump, the stripes on the track were reflected in the sci-fi lenses, mirroring the stripes on the Qatari Olympic uniform. Deeply futuristic wrap-around sunglasses have been booming for quite some time now, although in the world of professional sports they’ve never really been released. While the Katos are currently sold out on the Oakley website due to high demand, if you are considering purchasing a pair, now may be the time to get on the waitlist. However, you might be competing with a gold medalist: as a New York Times reported, in the moments after their post-gold embrace, Barshim actually broke the glasses he was wearing. “It’s good,” he said. “I have about 50 pairs.”