From Aspire Academy ..
To A World Champion .. 3 times!

Mutaz Barshim is considered the ideal model for the vision and mission of Aspire Academy, which focuses on developing champions in both sports and life. Through his historical achievements, whether breaking records, winning gold medals, or his complete commitment and hard work to achieve the best, this global Olympic champion stands out prominently. His talent emerged during his student days at Aspire Academy, where he showcased unique abilities in high jump. His ambitions reached sky-high limits, always aspiring to be the first and consistently outstanding in what he does. These capabilities were evident through his dedication to training and his determination to overcome any challenges, no matter how difficult.
Mutaz Barshim is a true champion and a source of great pride for Aspire Academy. He not only represents a role model for current student-athletes striving to reach global podiums in their respective sports but also serves as a guiding light of hope for future champions. Consequently, efforts have been made to collaborate with Mutaz to be an ambassador for Aspire Academy worldwide, participating in international events and being present on global platforms, as he is the perfect representative for Qatar, Aspire Academy, its vision, and Qatari Olympic sports.